Tundra Group is composed of three companies: Tundra Consulting & Advisory, founded in 1999 as a Strategic and Business Consultancy company, Tundra Capital, founded in 2003 as a HR Consultancy and Personnel Administration Company and Tamarack Management (iTundra.com and iWebhosting.pw), founded in 2009 as a Cloud and Hosting service provider. In 2012, iWebhosting.pw was incorporated to Tundra Group’s portfolio in order to complete online services  offered to our clients.
Since then, the company has evolved, including its brands Tundra Consulting, Tundra Capital and iTundra.com, due to client’s requirements and the market necessities for company management.
Tundra Consulting is now a consulting company of integrated services which offers a wide range of services from the basic services to the more specific ones, related to business and technology.


Tundra Group preserves very specific principles and characteristics when it comes to managing with its clients.

  • Added value to client. Tundra must add value above the cost it can suppose to its clients.
  • Beside our client. Tundra always positions itself as part of the client and works with the client to achieve common objectives.
  • Professional ethics. All Tundra’s professionals have a vast and proved experience and know well the rules of behavior as well as up to where their responsibility relies.
  • Tundra’s clients. It is not enough that the clients satisfy the contract terms and conditions of our company’s services. In fact, prior to entering an agreement with a potential client, Tundra would review their projects, the professionals they employ and whether their business is legitimate or not.
  • Commitment. For Tundra, the client is its principal asset and therefore all efforts will be put in place to achieve the client’s objectives.


Even having different areas, Tundra offers the same methodology throughout the group. We believe that organization and procedures are the active part of every business and this is the approach we take when it comes to working with our clients.


Tundra has as the industries with most activity: Hotels, Restaurants and Catering (HORECA), Investment Vehicles, Financial Services, Retail Sale and Affiliates of International Companies.

Services offered by Tundra Consulting:

Strategic & Business Consultancy, Technology Engineering, Cloud & Hosting, Purchasing, Controlling and Accounting, Cash Management, Tax and Legal advice and Insurance Advisory.

Services offered by Tundra Capital:

HR Planning & Development, Training, Staff Recruitment, Security & Health, Internal Communication & Quality, Personnel Management.

Services offered by iTundra.com:

Hosting Web, e-mail Administration, Virtual Servers, Register Domains and Digital Certificates.

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