Strategic Consultancy


The area of Strategic & Business consulting includes various divisions and depends on the needs of the client. Some of the competences which are developed in this area are:

  • Asset Management or Investment Management: Includes financial statements / reports analysis, monitoring of investments, property management analysis and actual value calculation for investment trough cash flows or market value research.
  • Reporting Implementation: Set adequate reports in function of company’s needs, adapt reporting timing and automatize reporting of actual figures compared to Budget.
  • Board Meeting Attendance: As independent board member. Actually in the Board of different industries, such as: Hotel, Restaurants & Catering, Retail and Financial Fund Management.
  • Group Restructuring: at both tax and legal level, searching to optimize structure to business needs.
  • Cost Reduction Policies: through implementation of certain procedures or through more restrictive policies (staffing, purchasing, etc.)
  • Revenue Optimization Policies: through analyzed Pricing Policies, calculation of profit margins and reviewed product offerings.
  • Valuation of Companies: using different methodologies in function of if company is being acquired or sold.

In all cases, our consultancy services and solutions are adapted to the clients’ requirements and services are determined upon client’s necessities.

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